MIT OPAL - Open Algorithms Server
Leverages the power of platforms, big data and advanced analytics for the public good in a privacy-preserving, commercially sensible, stable, scalable, and sustainable manner. UI for a web app that deploys smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Created at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at MIT.
Made with React, React Router, D3, JavaScript, Bootstrap
Luminoso Analytics Platform
Web application that analyzes unstructured textual data using natural lanugage processing
Made with CoffeeScript, D3, React, Flux, React Router, MomentJS, Enzyme, Jest
2012 US Presidential Election
Data visualization of the 2012 US presidential election: winner vs income tax paid by county.
Made with Python, D3, JavaScript
MIT CoreID Project + DCU
A blockchain-backed individual identity open source prototype that utiltizes bitcoin core libraries for signing documents/claims and validating signatures. Created at the Human Dynamics group of the MIT Media Lab.
Made with BitcoinJS, React Router, ReactJS
Impact Mapper
Web app containing analysis tools for donors, nonprofits, and evaluators to track social impact.
Made with JavaScript, Ruby, Bootstrap
DropIn web platform for mobile advertising and location intelligence
Made with D3, Crossfilter, Bootstrap, Java, JavaScript, Primefaces, jQuery
Responsive website made for CraveLabs.
Made with Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PrimeFaces
Figgy Games
Figgy Games is the homepage for the Figgy Games mobile app project, which specializes in children's mobile apps.
Made with JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap
A crowdsourcing app that allows both citizens and representatives to identify, act and respond to public opinion on major issues. Created for the facilitation of cross-partisan dialogue. Finalist at the Hack4Congress Hackathon, Harvard Kennedy School.
Made with jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby, Bootstrap, Nitrous
A voice elimination app that lets you import .wav files and export those same files with the sound of the human voice removed. Implements machine learning techniques.
Made with Python, Flask, and Angular.JS