Space EEG
A biofeedback mobile AR device that uses LiDAR and EEG to improve localization and orientation in microgravity environments. Won first place at the Astropreneurship and Space Medicine Hackathon, Harvard.
Made with Muse, Mindwave Mobile, Unity
Mobile game for Android and iOS, based on Gabriele Cirulli's 2048. Made with young children in mind, to help them learn the conceptual differences between big and small.
Made with Angular, Node, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Cordova(Android), React Native(iOS)
Augmented reality tablet app allows you place dominoes on any flat surface and then knock them down. Won first place at the Google Project Tango Hackathon.
Made with Unity, Google Tango Tablet
Funhouse Fishbowl
Funhouse Fishbowl is a mobile simulation game for Android produced by Figgy Games and made for Android. Move your fish by tapping or swiping your screen.
Made with JavaScript, D3, Angular, jQuery, Cordova
Figgy Games
Figgy Games is the homepage for the Figgy Games mobile app project, which specializes in children's mobile apps.
Made with JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap
WCE mobile app
A mobile app released on iOS made for the World Computer Exchange organization.
Made with Objective C, Xcode