Space EEG
First Place @ Astropreneurship and Space Medicine Hackathon, Harvard
A biofeedback device that uses LiDAR and EEG to improve localization and orientation in microgravity environments
Made with Muse, Mindwave Mobile, Unity
TTCR - Transparent Token Curated Registries
Finalist @ MIT Bitcoin Hackathon
Establishes a registry of token projects meeting transparency and financial reporting standards
Made with Web3, EVM, Truffle, React, JavaScript
First Place @ Google Project Tango Hackathon
Augmented reality tablet app allows you place dominoes on any flat surface and then knock them down.
Made with Unity, Google Tango Tablet
Finalist @ Hack4Congress Hackathon, Harvard Kennedy School
A crowdsourcing app that allows both citizens and representatives to identify, act and respond to public opinion on major issues. Created for the facilitation of cross-partisan dialogue.
Made with jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby, Bootstrap, Nitrous